Cypress Lounge

Cypress Lounge


Cypress is built with the finest wood available, utilizing small studio craft techniques of hand sawn and prepared veneers.  Why veneer?  It’s only possible to get the amazing patterns we use in Cypress with veneer.  Why hand sawn shop made veneer?  Our hand sawn veneer is 1/8” thick which means it handles in many ways like solid wood, and is 4-5 times thicker than standard commercial veneer which is 1/40th to 1/50th of an inch thick.  If your were reading this on that old fashioned material known as paper, that is as thin as typical card stock.  Does it cost more?  Yes, but you are worth it.

Item 371 Dimensions: 36"w x 36"d x 30"h

Shown in Claro Walnut with COL upholstery and Bronze base


Cypress Catalog (options and detailed information)

Available in a multitude of different designs and configurations, Cypress is completely customizable. 

Finishes for Cypress:  Natural Claro Walnut, Aniline Dyed Claro Walnut, Mosaic Claro Walnut, American Walnut, Ebonized Walnut

Finishes for Base:  Coordinate with top wood or Bronze, Nickel or Lacquer

Upholstery:  COM/COL

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