Reve Desk

Reve Desk


Reve is built with a marvelous solid wood under structure assembled with traditional, strong mortise and tenon joinery.  Either lacquered with our ultra luxurious colors or veneered with beautiful woods, Reve holds onto its French Modernism roots and yet is totally today. Sparkling inlay is masterfully hand bent and set into the wood structure before being hand polished and isolated during finish in a precise and labor intensive process.

Item 325  Dimensions  60"w x 30"h x 24"d  

Shown in High Gloss White Lacquer and Satin polish bronze inlay


Available in a multitude of different designs and configurations,  Reve is completely customizable. 

Finishes for Reve:  All Lacquer, wood and parchment finishes

Finishes for Inlay:  Bronze, Nickel Silver, Shell

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