Newell Design Studio
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Newell Design furniture

built by hand in California for our amazing modern age

Everything Customizable everything crafted to order




Jeff and Beth Newell founded their studio in 1996.  INfluenced in their mid-20's by weekends spent in New York's Metropolitan Museum of art and the Moma, they resolved to establish a business that would pursue craft at the highest level possible and create beautiful well made things.  for the past 20 years, they have honed and perfected their craft, working on some of the most demanding projects in the world, including an exclusive 54 story residence in mumbai and a home on the 18th hole of Pebble beach.  their collection of furniture has expanded from an initial offering of modernist classics to encompass pieces that exemplify the finest in american craftsmanship.


Newell Design is redefining american craft and studio built furniture.  their collection of original modern designs is rendered with virtuosic quality and their portfolio of bespoke commissions spans 15 years of amazingly executed projects.



In the fall of 2014, Newell Design moved their business operations to the west coast.  Their new design offices and build studio in Southern California was carefully chosen and located to serve a growing clientele both domestically and worldwide with their version of finely crafted American Studio furniture.

Newell Design Studio's roots span the country, from the Midwest to New York city, as well as the new American west of Colorado and California.  Their family history is influenced by pioneers and homemakers, farmers, civil engineers and civil rights activists, a Detroit auto engineer, an interior designer mom, and an artist grandmother.   Their active family of 4 boys plays and builds classical instruments, surfs, fly fishes, has a love for nature, and spends their free time enjoying family and friends.  They currently live in Orange California.

recognized around the world, Newell Design ships furniture to projects across the country and over 4 continents.